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   Class Schedule 

              * Please notice that we are now located at                                                                      The Kenwood Depot, 314 Warm Springs Road, Kenwood


11:00 am-12:00 pm  LION HEART YOGA, Beginner - Level 1, Special parking for July 23rd (please do not park in front of Depot as they will be re-paving; for this day only, park across the street in front of fence-do not block driveway on either side of fence, or in front of island to the left of the fence-do not park in front of house, but island across from house)


9:00 am-10:00   LION HEART YOGA, Beginner


9:00 am-10:00  LION HEART YOGA, Multi-Level


* 9:00 am-10:00  LION HEART YOGA, Level 1-2 

Please note that this class on occasion will start at 8:30 am, if you are not on our email list be sure to check this website for notification (the date with the 8:30 time will be listed here, otherwise the class starts at 9 am)